Studio Updates —

Studio updates.

New Website, New Focus.

kalum carter fine art portrait photography bristol

Hello and welcome to my new look website!

As you will notice the website looks a little different and will continue to evolve over the next couple of months. The change in website design is to signify a shift in the content and context of my work. I have been in a gradual shift from working primarily commercial into a more personal artistic form of photography, such as working on personal fine art projects. My aim is to continue that shift and to create more personal work and more than anything, create work that matters. My focus going forward is to create work with meaning. Work with purpose. Work that connects with the viewer on an emotional level as well as an artistic one.

I have done a lot of soul searching recently, especially in terms of my career, and realised that I am not just happy with the work I am pursuing currently, and that I need more. More meaning and more purpose to my work. Work I can look back and think ‘Yeah, that really meant something’. I tell myself and others that what I want to do is shoot people and places. But not just snapshots, but to be able to capture the soul of the people and places I visit. To create an emotional attachment through my images that transports that viewer to that location and gives them an insight into the subjects true self.

My aims going forward will follow this new way of working. I have a number of ideas for projects that I will eventually like to turn into exhibitions, and I will post regular updates on this blog as well as creating a monthly newsletter. I would love for you to follow and support me on my journey to creating work that really matters. I am working on an online shop in which prints will be available, and which I aim to be up and running later this year.

This does not mean however I am finished working in any commercial capacity. I still love working with brands and businesses to achieve their goals and creating amazing imagery, but the ratio of commercial work to personal work has shifted.

I would love for you to follow my journey in this exciting time via my blog and social media, and eventually through my newsletter.

- Kalum