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Studio updates.

Testing Out the New Daily Shooter - Fujifilm x100f

Kimble looking rather dapper in his new collar, 2019. Shot on Fujifilm x100f

Kimble looking rather dapper in his new collar, 2019. Shot on Fujifilm x100f

I have come to the realisation lately that I don’t shoot enough. As a professional photographer I of course shoot for work, but I have not been documenting my life like I should. In order to do this I required a camera that I could take everywhere everyday. This meaning - a camera small enough and light enough to be carried without hinderance and fit into either my pocket or a small bag. After a quick online search it became apparent that I am a little bit late to the party which is the Fujifilm x100f, so after a little research this camera seemed ideal. A small, lightweight camera with a fixed lens (no lugging around multiple heavy lenses) which took away the excuse of not shooting daily.

This camera is an absolute delight and has actually, and more importantly, made me remember why I became a photographer in the first place. The x100f comes with me everywhere and will continue to do so from here on out. The thing that it does so incredibly well is strip back the camera to its basics allowing you to focus solely on what you are photographing and being in that moment. A fixed lens allows you to not focus on changing focal lengths which allows you to really think about the more important aspects such as the subject and composition, which is the foundation for great imagery and is sometimes overlooked by trying to get the sharpest image possible.

I am using the x100f more than my full frame dslr’s and using it to really hone my craft once more and to more importantly, have fun while shooting! Which is what its all about! I am not going to go into camera specs as this isn’t a review and there are plenty of other reviews out there to find, but I cannot recommend this camera highly enough. Be prepared to see more from the x100f and also more colour (the fujifilm colour is fantastic!). I am aiming to use this camera for my documentary style work as well as some other street photography so I am sure this will come up on my blog soon!

- Kalum