I have called the countryside home my entire life. Even when living nearer the city I have been surrounded by the countryside. Up until recently I never saw or appreciated how beautiful it is. Growing up I always wanted to be in a big city and in a more urban environment instead of being surrounded by fields and agriculture. Being immersed in the countryside meant I got used to it and no longer saw it for what it was. I would walk past fields of crops and horses in fields everyday and wouldn’t look twice. Over the last year or so I have been making a focused effort to learn how to stop and look at the world around me in a different light. Really looking and finding the beauty in everything. So as I was walking around my town I would notice new things, new details that I would have usually missed. The horse in the field was no longer just a horse in a field but a stunning landscape with a magnificently strong and graceful animal. With these new set of eyes, I have decided to capture my surroundings with the view of showing other people that you do not have to be in the city or visit all of the popular social media spots to see beauty and capture great shots. But instead, change the way you look at the life around you.

I am planning on making this an ongoing project of shots from the countryside. I have no plans for this particular project except to just capture the world in which I am surrounded by. Many of the shots will be from the South West of England as this is the area in which I am based. But I Plan on travelling around the UK over the next few years so there will be a mixture of different regions. The aesthetic of this project is to give a new but timeless look on the countryside, and the elements that come together to create it.

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